"This was an amazing experience for Ryan (and the rest of us)! We can’t thank you enough for such a fun and educational trip. We can’t wait to come back and fish with you again! Ryan had a great time catching so many fish and learning how to do it on his own!"

-Helena Hanks Erickson

"Learned a lot today with guided tour. 1st week of August was bountiful this year! SW Colorado was popping off! Now time for some amazing foods! All photos are labeled with bags. That was incredible to learn with my friend. We've been into mycology for a long time. That was an amazing experience today! Learned so much!"

-Davey Kulkarni

"Chris is a great host and guide! We went fishing last week at the McPhee Reservoir, and not only did we have a great time, we caught dinner! I look forward to a mushroom hunt with him sometime!"

-Melissa Kingston

“Chris Ricci is a knowledgeable and very pleasant mushroom forager/guide. He will guide to the fitness and experience level of his client and knows his region well. I was able to treat my friends to a memorable 8 course mushroom meal! I highly recommend his services and look forward to hunting with him again in the future.”

-David F. Ramos M.D.

"Sooooo much fun!! And such an incredible view to fish with. Thank u so much! See u next time!"

-Maggie Babcock

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